Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fort Worth 2009 Home Sales..Where will you live?

The Fort Worth news about homes is causing a concern with many of my real estate public. The phone is ringing and the first question is "if I have you list my home, will it sell?" My answer is the same that it has been for the 13+ years that I have been in the business. "If you are motivated to sell, and you look at the statistics and price it correctly, it should sell." The home in the photo is in Colleyville and has been on the market longer than normal for this sought after area!

This home below is in Saginaw and in an area of many new homes. We are seeing slow activity in that area too.
The sentence above is a complicated and jampacked with truth! My policy is to be truthful at all costs, whether I get the listing or not. The truth is, if the seller has unrealistic ideas about what his home is worth, I could spend all of my time and money marketing that one home and never sell it! This is a rule of real estate in all areas: The market drives values! If the market has too many homes available, then prices are lower. The reverse is also true. That is the reason why if a buyer buys in a new subdivision where there are hundreds of homes being built, it takes longer to sell.
So to answer the question, Where will you live in 2009? I throw it back to you...where WILL you live. If you want to sell, you won't get the top dollar of 2 years ago, but you will also buy where you want to live at a lower price too. I believe it is all in the attitude. If you want and need to sell or buy.....just do it!
I can show you the stats of prices and sales prices. There is more about value and price tag! The bottom line is about you. I wish you and yours a wonderful new year!

In Fort Worth, the area has everything to do with how fast and for what price a home will sell. (This is true for most cities.) Outside of Loop 820, which circles Fort Worth, homes are taking much longer to selland are selling for less. Inside the loop, homes are taking longer to sell, but the prices are not too much less than in years past. The old rule of "location" is still true.